This Book Is A Must Read for Managers and Employees

Impact Players by Liz Wiseman
Impact Players by Liz Wiseman is a Must Read

3 Reasons I Recommend This Book

  1. Simplicity: The author does a great job keeping the information concise and wrapping up the key points at the end. When I read books like this I am often underlining and making notes so the summary is helpful. One of the tips she provides is to use less words to add more value and she follows her own advice to make a big impact.
  2. A Fair Comparison: The terminology used is “contributors” and “Impact Players”. Throughout the book there are charts that compare the two and it’s clear that you can make a choice. It’s not that contributors are useless or innately bad people, the comparison here allows for the reader to see the difference and make a choice on how they want to build a career.
  3. Leader’s Perspective: As I read this from a leadership perspective my mind goes to our team and who the impact players and contributors are. It would be easy for me to criticize the contributors but the way the book is written it helps me dig deeper into my own process and ask if I communicating properly to my team so they can be an impact player.




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Mike Wolfe

Level 5 Leader — Never Stop Learning

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